I transcribe
I can transcribe your songs or instrumental tracks * from audio and / or video files (preferably no links) that you will have to provide me. I write the melody on the staff and sign the chords. Where present, I insert the text below the melody. If the words are in a language other than Italian, I can request the syllabic subdivision. Writing and layout are carried out with a professional program. Then I send you the score in PDF format and an mp3 audio of the melody only (with a virtual sound), possibly with the addition of the metronome, to facilitate rhythmic control. Where possible the synchronization with the piece you sent me, I will overlap the two tracks.
Delivery times by prior arrangement.
* I mean pieces with a simple structure in which the sections (verse, bridge, chorus) are repeated the same. Any metric differences (eg between two stanzas) due to the text obviously require further work that will be evaluated case by case. As well as more complex compositions.


1 trascription
€ 28.69 + iva = € 35
2 trascriptions
€ 25 + iva = € 30.5 each one
3 or more
 € 20.49 + iva = € 25 each one
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Do you have the score, but do you need the detached parts or vice versa? Or do you want to digitize one or the other? I can do it for you. Costs vary on the type of work and the duration it requires. Contact me for a quote.
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